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    Hello! My name is Anne, and I am a custom photographer specializing in newborn, baby, child, family and senior photography. My studio is located right in the heart of downtown East Grand Forks, MN and service the greater Grand Forks area and surrounding communities.
    As I watch my own children grow, I understand how fast life can slip by. Because of this, I want to capture those little moments, and document the emotions and spirit of what is happening in your life at the present time. In doing this, I am able to give you the gift of a memory which can be cherished for a lifetime.
    I can't wait to work with you!

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happy place

Many of you know that I have 4 children. Parents – you know how busy it is around the house during the day, right? Hyper kids to keep in line. Screaming fights to break up. Messy spills to wipe up. You know, the usual.  And since I have started this little venture of photography almost 3 years ago, the only time I have to edit my photos are at night while they sleep. Because of this, sometimes I am super tired through the process, and wish I could just veg out in front of the TV and then go to bed. However, most times I am super pumped about my late night editing sessions! Why, you ask?? Well . . .

Picture this: It’s late. It’s dark.  It’s quiet. There are no whining children. No crying baby. Nothing but me in my PJs, sitting in front of my computer with Pandora playing  some random love song from the past (enter Journey, Chicago, etc.), drinking a glass of wine while editing photos of gorgeous children and beautiful families. Doesn’t that sound amazing? Yes, because of the late nights I am starting to look a little haggard, but it’s totally worth it! Honestly, how many of you can say that you can drink on the job??….hopefully, not many of you:)

Seriously though . . . how can you not be happy when you get to work on these!?


I have said it once, and I will say it again – I love this job!!



Socially Inapporopraite

When a person falls in love with photography, they start to look at the world with a new eye. Everything looks more beautiful. A pretty sun set. Interesting architecture. A downtown alley. You name it, and that person will start to think . . . I want to photograph that.

In my case, when I see a cute family walking down the street or a cute kid in the grocery store, I automatically think . . . I want to photograph them. Unfortunately, “society” might deem it socially inappropriate if a weird lady (aka – me) walked up to a perfect stranger and said, “Your child is gorgeous! Can I photograph them?”. Even though I may be thinking about it (in a non-creepy way) I have not yet asked a random person if I can photograph their child. Instead, I get the opportunity to photograph adorable kids who’s parents have actually hired me to do so! I love this job!!

I loved this mom’s idea! Matching mother-daughter tutu session? Yes please!

We also were able to take photos with the little brother in the family too . . . he’s equally as cute! Can you say “Gerber Baby”?!?!

So if you see me at a park and I am looking and smiling at your child – – I am not a weirdo. I just think your child is beautiful . . . and I want to photograph them:)


Sugar and Spice

Anyone who has ever raised a daughter knows that all girls are a delicate mixture of sugar and spice. This little rhyme may make it sound as if raising a girl is easy – – however, it’s the ratio of “sugar” to “spice” that parents need to be concerned with. For instance, I believe my girls are a little too spicy for my taste. It’s the spice that makes the sassy comments fly out of their cute little mouths. It’s the spice that makes them yell and scream and have horrible (embarrassing) temper tantrums . It’s the spice that makes me want to pull my hair out by the roots. Too much spice is not so nice.

Thank heavens for the sweet girls, like little “C” here! I knew we were going to have a great shoot the minute she came through the studio doors . . . with a huge smile and a hearty wave just for me. This little girl had sugar coming out of her ears and I loved it!

Did I mention that her parents are just as sweet . . . the sugar doesn’t fall far from the tree:)



Thanks for sweetening my day little “C”! It was a nice break from all the spice in my life!:)



Ah, the good ol’ days

Do you remember being a Senior in High School? I sure do! I feel as though it was just yesterday . . . hanging out with friends, playing sports, studying (or not studying) for the big test. Back in the day when my most stressful thoughts focused on Prom dresses and college selection instead of mortgage payments and raising 4 kids. Oh, to go back . . . it would be fun for a day or two:)

Enough reminiscing. Onto just a few of this beautiful Senior’s images:

Did I mention that I used to teach this gorgeous girl?! When I first started teaching in Monticello, she was in one of my third grade classes . . . wow, now I really feel O.L.D.

Being a dancer must be so cool. I wouldn’t know. I participated in quite a few sports, but I was never a dancer. The closest thing I did to dancing was figure skating . . . I suppose it’s kind of like dancing . . . but with uglier costumes, horrible music selections, cheesier choreography . . . never mind. It’s not really like dancing at all.

I was so honored to be able to capture such an exciting time in this Senior’s life. She and her whole family hold a very special place in my heart. I was able to take her brother’s photos two years ago AND her mother has taken a MAJOR role in raising my kids . . . she has been their (wonderful!) daycare provider for the last 6 years.  We will miss them ALL dearly!

Congrats K! Have a fantastic year!!



chosen family

Have you ever had friends that feel more like family? Your chosen family, if you will?

These people know your ins and outs. Your favorites things as well as your pet peeves. They know YOU . . . and actually choose to love all of you, even though you’re not genetically linked. Now that’s true love!:)

These two families are just that. Friends – – but family:)

I had the privilege to know these kids on a personal level, as well. Some of these cuties (I am proud to say) have been my students, and all of these kids have gone to the same wonderful daycare as my own kids. And let me tell you . . . they are just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the outside:)I love them all!