What is Custom Photography?

You may be asking yourself this question if you have never had custom photography services before. Just exactly what does “custom” mean and how does it differ from other types of photography services? Well, being the type of person to ask this question, I want to give you an accurate and honest answer, so here goes:

 Custom photography means that I offer a service that is specifically “customized” to each client’s needs. I offer one-on-one consultation services to determine what your needs/expectations are for your photography. I then tailor a session to meet those needs and hopefully, exceed your expectations. I minimize distractions so your family feels relaxed and comfortable and I never rush you or force you into stiff poses with artificial smiles. I want your true personality to shine through!

What I am creating is something beyond a simple photograph – together, we are creating an artistic representation of you and your family at a specific time in your life. Something emotional, not contrived. Something dynamic, not stagnant. Something that you will feel rather than just look at. Something truly unique and special. A blending of your vision and mine. Your proofs are all edited and retouched – a finished product. I do not show you any images that do not have the best lighting, color, contrast and sharpness possible.

What is not custom photography?

Custom photography is not snapshots that are taken merely to document something. It is not a random and unplanned event, although the best moments are usually the spontaneous ones that come about when you least expect it. It is not photos processed at a one-hour photo lab for convenience sake. It is not photos that you waited in line for at a department store while your family became restless and uncooperative. It is not the same old experience with the same old outcome-photographs that look just like everyone else’s photos.

What am I paying for?

Cost is directly related to the perceived and actual value of anything. You really do get what you pay for. And while some of “the best things in life are free” other things are worth investing in. All of the special moments that you want to remember are passing at an incredibly faster pace each day. To have something that allows you to hold those memories in your hands and feel the emotions of that time is indeed priceless. Cost is also related to the equipment and services that are provided. Great photography equipment is expensive. Training to learn how to create portrait art is time intensive. Hours of hand-retouching is what makes your photos unique pieces of “art” that you will cherish.

The investment you are making in preserving your family’s memories is one that has lasting value. Boutique-style, high quality products are offered to you that you may not find at other studios due to the higher wholesale cost of these types of items. Quality is placed far above quantity and the motto is never to have more clients, but to provide more to the clients I have. You are never just a number – you are always regarded with the highest level of respect and provided with the best customer service possible.

Custom photography is not for everyone at every phase of their life, but it is for those who want to keep their precious memories close to their hearts in a unique and artistic way. My style is also not for everyone. While I strive to accommodate what each client wants, my personal style still comes through-a bit unconventional at times, I favor an eclectic mix of modern, fresh, vintage and fun in my work. I prefer a more candid, photo journalistic approach. I like you just being naturally you! This is why I call it lifestyle photography – it’s real life, real moments, real love, real pictures of real people. I may not be a good fit for your photography needs if you prefer traditional studio photos where you sit and look directly at the camera for each shot.

Why does it take longer?

Custom photography is just that-custom! It takes longer due to the fact that each of your images is hand-retouched by myself. And I am one person! That is why your proofs may not be fully complete for up to 2 weeks, depending upon my current workload. Custom design work and boutique products also take a bit longer for the very same reason-everything is created just for you. I know you can now go to many department stores and have photos done and view the proofs while you are still there, but I guarantee the outcome is much, much different! Custom work is worth the wait! I make every effort to keep my client workload in perspective to allow me to offer my very best work within a reasonable time frame. That is why custom sessions are often booked weeks or months in advance.

Is Custom Photography right for me and my family?

Please keep all of this information in mind when choosing the best photographer for your family.  You will not be sorry that you made the investment for special memories of your family!


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