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The Gift

This Christmas we decided to do something different. Instead of giving gifts of toys, clothes and other physical items,View full post »

LEAP of faith

I have always considered myself to be very blessed.  However, I wouldn’t consider myself to be very lucky.  IView full post »

Holiday Mini Sessions

Back by popular demand – Holiday Minis! Haven’t had a chance to get a photo for your holiday card this yearView full post »

happy place

Many of you know that I have 4 children. Parents – you know how busy it is around the house during the day, rightView full post »

Socially Inapporopraite

When a person falls in love with photography, they start to look at the world with a new eye. Everything looks moreView full post »

Sugar and Spice

Anyone who has ever raised a daughter knows that all girls are a delicate mixture of sugar and spice. This little rhymeView full post »

chosen family

Have you ever had friends that feel more like family? Your chosen family, if you will? These people know your ins andView full post »

sisterly love

There’s nothing quite like the bond between sisters. When you’re little, there is always someone to playView full post »

true story

I am a self-diagnosed photo-a-holic. I am pretty much obsessed. Photos are on my mind constantly . . . which is why IView full post »

cutie cousins part 2

Speaking of awesome cousins . . . meet mine! We were blessed to be able to: Grow up in the same area Have our GrandmaView full post »

cutie cousins

Did you grow up around your cousins? I did! My childhood memories are jam-packed full of fun times had with my manyView full post »